These regulations, posted in the Management and deposited with the competent authorities, must be strictly applied. The task of enforcing it rests with the Director who has the duty to remove the camper who does not comply with the warnings and all the provisions contained herein, without compensation and with the obligation to respond to any damages.

Frequently asked questions - Reservations

What to do as soon as you arrive at the camping?

Upon arrival, the camper is asked to present himself to the Acceptance Office where he must deliver an identification document for each individual member of his family and fill in the public security form. The documents will remain in custody at the Directorate for legal registrations and therefore returned. Upon arrival, a sticker will be given which must be displayed on the windshield of the car to facilitate checking at the campsite entrance.

Is it possible to modify a specific pitch or a mobile home?

The assignment of the sector and the parking area is the exclusive responsibility of the Management. It is forbidden for the camper to make changes or modifications. The car and equipment must be parked exclusively in the area specifically reserved for them. In the assigned pitch, no more than one tent or caravan can be installed.

Can I move around the campsite with my motorbike or motor vehicle?

It is forbidden to use the car or other motor vehicles to move around the interior of the Village. Any motor vehicle that leaves the parking lot to exit the Village will actually have to leave it. The maximum speed allowed when traveling by car is 5 Km / h. Access by car inside is allowed EXCLUSIVELY upon arrival of the camper in the Village, to park the caravan or set up the tent, or for departure. For no other reason, exceptions to this provision are allowed.

Is the use of barbacue allowed?

The use of charcoal grills is allowed as long as the smoke does not disturb the neighbors and does not damage the lawn and the underlying soil.

How can I host a relative or friend of mine?

The Guest will be able to access and stay in the Campsite on the condition that the owner or person of his family is present. The number of guests, in order to avoid crowds and confusions that could damage the peace of the campers and the regular functioning of the toilets, will be established from time to time by the Management according to the number of people already present in the Camping. Guests will not be able to stay overnight on the campsite unless explicitly authorized by the Management, in the absence of which they will have to leave it before 22:00 after having paid the daily fee.


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